Lash Extensions

All lash services are performed by talented lash technicians with years of experience. There are Four set options available including: classic, volume, hybrid and mega volume.

Classic lash extensions are applied individually to one natural lash, giving a 1:1 ratio.

The Hybrid lash extensions technique is a combination of both the Classic extensions and Volume extensions.

Volume lash extensions sets are made using 3-5 single lashes and fanned on each lash. Individual handmade fans of false lashes adhere to your natural lash and are then fanned out, giving you a more beautiful, full and luxurious look.

Mega volume lash extensions are made up of 6-10 single lashes fanned and placed on each natural lash.

Lash Lift and Tint

Premier Beauty also offers lash lifts and tints if you are looking for a more subtle look.

Lash Lifts lift your natural lashes and last 6-9 weeks.

Lash Tints are good for people with very light lashes and do not want to apply mascara daily. We dye them to make them look darker and more noticeable.